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Press Release

Press Release

United Arab Investors Company & Arab Corp acquire 36.3% of the Union Bank shares financed through BLOM Bank.

Nazem BashaMay, 2008:

Aligned with its ongoing plans to expand both the scope and the nature of its investments, the United Arab Investors Company (UAIC) along with Arab Corp, recently announced the acquisition of 25.58% of the Union Bank's shares.

This acquisition is a result of a consortium formed between UAIC and the Arab Corp. In addition to 10.72%; which UAIC previously owned; bringing the total investment percentage to 36.3% of the bank's capital.

Banque Liban Outre Mer (BLOM) played a vital role in this transaction by providing the consortium with the finance needed to purchase these shares, this substantial deal was facilitated through Amwal Advisory Corporation (A Bahrain based corporation) specializing in financial consultancy services.

Through this acquisition, UAIC is moving one-step forward towards fulfilling its vision of becoming the leading regional investment company providing integrated investment solutions in various economic sectors.

To this end, its model of operations relies upon investing in companies and establishments that compliment each other in terms of size and service.

The official announcement of this acquisition was made at a press conference held on April 30th 2008 at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Attending the conference were key officials and representatives of all parties involved including; Arab Corp Chairman and UAIC CEO Mr. Haytham Dahleh, BLOM Chairman Mr. Sa'id Azhari and Amwal Advisory Corp CEO Mr. Nazim Ibrahim Basha.

Speaking at the event Mr. Dahleh said,

"It has always been our mission at UAIC & Arab Corp to identify and seek business opportunities in different sectors and to forge alliances that ensure great return on investment for our shareholders. We feel that this acquisition is an ideal opportunity to solidify this goal; the Union Bank is considered as one of the leaders in the banking industry in Jordan. Through its ability to specialize in providing a variety of financial services and consultations both locally and internationally, it effectively maintains its leadership status. This investment in Union Bank is aligned with our strategic plan to expand and vary our investment base and further solidify the companies' investment portfolio".

Mr. Dahleh also took this opportunity to thank Amwal Advisory Corp for facilitating all the arrangements and he also thanked BLOM bank for granting the finance needed to execute the acquisition.

Mr. Dahleh further added that the company's future plans include expanding its operations into regional markets and that it strives to achieve this goal through building strategic partnerships that would in turn further strengthen its capacities to lead the investment sector.

BLOM Chairman Mr. Sa'id Azhari from his end stated that the BLOM bank was prompted to fund this transaction based on the great potential growth promised for all parties.

"We at BLOM Bank have decided to finance this transaction based on our belief in the capabilities of the United Arab Investors Company and Arab Corp as well as both companies' professionalism and good reputation in the markets they operate within".

To this effect Mr. Nazim Ibrahim Basha emphasized that this type of transaction brings great benefit to the local and regional economies.

He also expressed his delight over the cooperation with all parties involved whom he considers very capable and professional.

"We at Amwal Advisory believe in the importance of this strategic partnership and its potential outputs on the short and long run. We are pleased to have successfully provided the needed arrangements for this important investment" he added.

The press conference was followed by a dinner attended by all parties involved in the making of the agreement.